“4PL Projects — 4PL logistics services for projects and special transports

Pioneer through specialization

4PL Projects is a pioneer in the field of fourth party logistics services with its focus on project logistics and oversized and heavy haulage.

With our hands-on mentality, we provide you with door-to-door solutions, consul­ting and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) approa­ches.

Our expertise is based on decades of expe­ri­ence in handling chal­len­ging projects, including in the fields of mecha­nical and plant engi­nee­ring, cons­truc­tion machinery, railroad tech­no­logy and façade and steel construction.

Transparent service purchasing

As a 4PL provider, we not only offer you trans­pa­rent freight service purcha­sing, but also the option of having all or indi­vi­dual logistics services asso­ciated with a project organized by an inde­pen­dent “general contractor”.

Neutral selection of all service providers

We implement your indi­vi­dual logi­stical requi­re­ments for complex projects inde­pendently, objec­tively and with advice and support. We act from your perspec­tive and in your interests. We are comple­tely free to choose the most suitable service providers for your project and link them worldwide (best-in-class). Neutral market access — one of the core elements of a 4PL service provider — is guaran­teed without fixed part­ner­ships with other logistics or transport companies and without having to maintain its own equipment.

Coordination in experienced hands

4PL Projects supports you in your project-specific concerns with a service portfolio geared to this parti­cular area. We coor­di­nate all service providers involved, monitor the relevant inter­faces and organize logistics chains to the delivery location according to your agenda, taking into account supplier struc­tures, schedules, transport relations, trade policy and customs regu­la­tions, etc.

Bundled expertise

Each of our employees has extensive specia­list knowledge and many years of expe­ri­ence in the logistics sector, both from the practical expe­ri­ence of transport companies and forwar­ding agents as well as from the shipping industry. In detail, there are experts for the various modes of transport, specia­lists for large and heavy goods trans­por­ta­tion and foreign trade (export & import). As a team, we apply our expertise in a targeted and results-oriented manner. Our flat hier­ar­chies enable us to react quickly and flexibly to constantly changing market situations.

Put your trust in our expe­ri­ence and expertise if you are looking for a reliable logistics partner for your projects. Get in touch with us. Get to know us and together we will find out what we can do for you!

Our services

4PL Projects realizes indi­vi­du­ally tailored solutions with the following service segments, among others, which can be called up as indi­vi­dual services or as a complete system, depending on your needs.

Large and heavy transports

Project logistics

Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing is still an effective means of reducing logistics costs and making them more flexible, and it enables companies to concen­trate on their core compe­ten­cies, thereby streng­thening their compe­ti­ti­ve­ness.

4PL Projects specia­lizes exclu­si­vely in logistics services for project logistics and oversized and heavy haulage. We therefore know this area better than others and can come up with inno­va­tive ideas and stra­te­gies to further reduce costs for our customers and at the same time increase the quality of opera­tional proces­sing. This also leads to improved customer satis­fac­tion on the part of our customers’ clients.

4PL Projects sees itself as an extension of your logistics and can map it in part or in full according to your needs. We implement logistics solutions locally on site and/or remotely.

The 4PL Projects team consists of expe­ri­enced logistics experts with a back­ground in the shipping industry, freight forwar­ders and transport companies, coupled with expertise in the various modes of transport and their inter­lin­king. We act from your perspec­tive and in your interests.

Project management

Project logistics places high orga­niza­tional, sche­du­ling, commer­cial and, in some cases, customs-related demands on you and your service providers.

4PL Projects provides its customers with profes­sional project manage­ment for this purpose. We support our customers right from the project planning and quotation phase and are respon­sible for managing, coor­di­na­ting and moni­to­ring the service providers and inter­faces involved as the project progresses. A joint review following a completed project, with analyses (NCR, KPI, etc.), provides infor­ma­tion on possible impro­ve­ment potential for future major projects.

We offer flexible resource manage­ment adapted to your order volume. Regardless of the task, we always provide support for the entire project with a fixed contact person or a defined team.

We offer logistics project manage­ment inde­pendently of our other service segments.

Service purchasing

Purchasing external logistics services, espe­ci­ally freight services, is and remains a key success factor for companies and projects. This success is deter­mined by in-depth industry knowledge, knowledge of specia­lized freight carriers and logistics service providers and the ability to optimally and effi­ci­ently link different service providers to create inte­grated logistics solutions.

4PL Projects has been familiar with this parti­cular market, with its intri­ca­cies and hidden cost drivers, for decades and can support you in purcha­sing services or provide holistic support in this area. The required services are deter­mined according to your speci­fi­ca­tions and project para­me­ters, profes­sio­nally tendered, offers are evaluated and clearly presented. A risk analysis in advance helps to identify and ideally eliminate possible addi­tional costs.

When issuing tenders, 4PL Projects takes into account both service providers that are already estab­lished with customers and new ones that have been selected and are suitable for the requi­re­ments or product. The expe­ri­ence of our employees from the shipping industry combined with our practical know-how forms a symbiosis and enables us to provide the best possible solutions to customer requi­re­ments from different perspectives.

As an inde­pen­dent 4PL service provider, we select the best solution and the best providers at optimum cost. Among other things, this enables us to reduce costs for customers and increase the level of service.

4PL Projects also offers suitable services for the legal review and drafting of transport and logistics contracts to ensure that you receive the best possible support for demanding contract solutions.

Project logistics

Cross trades have been playing an incre­asingly important role in project logistics for years. This is partly because more and more companies are deciding to concen­trate on their core compe­ten­cies of engi­nee­ring and sales and outsource produc­tion, or because trans­por­ta­tion cost calcu­la­tions form the basis for a purcha­sing decision in a third country.

4PL Projects knows the complex requi­re­ments for the planning, orga­niza­tion and execution of cross-trade trans­ports. There are more regu­la­tions regarding foreign trade and customs to be observed and more partners are involved in the proces­sing. Cross trades are often carried out off the beaten track in multi­modal trans­ports and often involve large and heavy loads.

Additional services in the country of origin and desti­na­tion, such as supplier manage­ment, document and goods neutra­liza­tion, packing/repacking, transport support and much more. are part of the range of services offered by 4PL Projects.

Any connec­tion is possible, whether within a region or across continents.

A large number of parties are involved in projects, for example you as the client, your employees, suppliers and their sub-suppliers, contract manu­fac­tu­rers or service providers.

Communication and data avai­la­bi­lity are critical success factors in a project.

Among other things, 4PL Projects takes over the manage­ment, control and evalua­tion of suppliers, contract manu­fac­tu­rers and transport service providers, collates and compresses data and coor­di­nates a targeted flow of infor­ma­tion. Only critical points are escalated in accordance with defined schedules and time­ta­bles. This signi­fi­cantly reduces the burden on commu­ni­ca­tion and saves time and money.

We regularly take on the project-dependent creation of shipping, packaging and handling instruc­tions for the goods to be delivered and provide a variety of other services in the area of supplier and document manage­ment. These include, for example

- Creation of delivery bills, packing lists, colli lists, batch lists

- Creation of barcodes for goods identification

- Document and goods neutralization

- Organization of the packaging of goods

- Monitoring the proper marking of packages and compli­ance with shipping regulations

- Scheduling trans­ports in coor­di­na­tion with the suppliers/ contract manufacturers/ transport service providers

- Preparation of necessary freight documents

- Preparation of customs and foreign trade documents

- Handling of all tasks and reporting obli­ga­tions that are necessary for the proper export of the goods

- Organization and moni­to­ring of export certi­fi­cates / entry certificates

- Photo documentation

With large delivery volumes, it is important to have the right assem­blies available at the right time at the right assembly location.

This is influenced by the coor­di­na­tion and moni­to­ring of suppliers, trans­por­ta­tion to the cons­truc­tion site and the provision of materials on site.

We take over the logi­stical manage­ment and schedule coor­di­na­tion for your project so that the instal­la­tion crew can concen­trate on their main task. For example, services such as goods receiving, quality control, interim storage, goods movement on the cons­truc­tion site or bringing in large and heavy goods compon­ents. This allows cons­truc­tion processes to be designed effi­ci­ently, saving time and costs.

4PL Projects also offers a cloud-based warehouse manage­ment system (WMS) for various use cases. The LVS requires almost no local infra­struc­ture on site. Mobile radio is the practical solution for the complex requi­re­ments profile on the cons­truc­tion site.

The cloud-based WMS can be accessed at any time via the Internet and can therefore be accessed directly on the cons­truc­tion site as well as from the office.

Large and heavy transports

Globe with pin on Russia

Purchasing and contract manu­fac­tu­ring in Eastern and South Eastern Europe continue to be attrac­tive and offer great potential for your project requirements.

We regularly organize trans­ports from, to and, above all, within these regions. Our expertise is charac­te­rized by decades of expe­ri­ence in these logistics markets, knowledge of local carriers and our native speakers of Eastern European languages.

Be it the orga­niza­tion of pre-carriage to the ports, cross trades directly to the delivery locations including any necessary document and goods neutra­liza­tion through to customs transit decla­ra­tions. We guarantee you reliable advice on your questions and transport solutions for your goods that meet your deadlines and requirements.

Some of our previous projects

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